Introducing the Human Motor Works Club.

In the summer of 2016, we worked to lay the foundation to the club with weekly group rides and regular open water swim practices. This upcoming season, we are going to broaden our reach and work to develop a true community for athletes of multiple disciplines in Northeast Indiana.

This club is for you.

Runners, cyclists, triathletes, mountain bikers, swimmers…whatever you may do, we aim to be your club.

Now to the details…

Membership is Free.

All we ask from you, is that you share your passion and become an active member of the club. You don’t need to race, or be ‘fast’, or competitive; come as you are.

As a club member, you will be informed of group events on a weekly basis as well as be offered discounts and special offers from Human Motor Works.

Along with group training opportunities, there will be monthly social events to further build the community within the club. The club will also be present at many of the local and regional races to support participants.

Community. Encouragement. Determination. Fun.

Let’s do this.

Come into the shop to say hey and join the club…

Introducing the Human Motor Works Club.

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